Natarsha Belling Weeps For ‘Wake Up’ During Final Broadcast

Channel 10’s short-lived Bold and The Beautiful placeholder Wake Up went to air for the last time this morning, never again to perform that pained daily ritual from whence it derived its name. The beleaguered breakfast show’s swan song broadcast elicited from co-anchor Natarsha Belling a few tears now being described by multiple news outlets as “a breakdown” – an emotional reaction perhaps better referred to as ‘a not entirely unexpected response to the news that you and 150 of your friends and colleagues are now without jobs‘. 

Co-host James Mathieson also signed off in a spectacular fashion, continuing his winning streak of referencing exceptional pop culture icons by channeling Ari Gold’s poignant epitaph, “Let’s hug it out, bitch.”

Wake Up is dead. Long live Cheez TV.