Natalie Portman’s Squeeze Choreographs a Nutcracker Christmas for Irish Cream

Benjamin Millepied, a woodland sprite married to perfect Hall Pass Natalie Portman whose surname directly translates as ‘Benjamin A Thousand Feet’, has presumably devoted considerable time and effort into choreographing the following modern take on Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker for Bailey’s Irish Cream because sure, I mean, why not?
Directed by Ringan Ledwidge of the brilliant ‘Three Little Pigs’ fame, Nutcracker 2013 is a contemporary appropriation of the yuletide ballet classic, set in a perfect world wherein nightclub brawls are resolved not through the fumbling inadequacies of fisticuffs but the beautiful language of modern dance; it’s like West Side Story meets Black Swan, lubricated by one too many of Old Gregg’s beverage of choice, sans shoe; it’s at once entirely ridiculous and absolutely perfect.
Mm, creamy.
via AdWeek