Here Are The Top 10 Most Followed Aussie Celebs On Instagram In 2017

Eternal larrikin Hugh Jackman has pipped objectively handsome dude and last year’s winner Chris Hemsworth to the post of ‘Most Followed Australian on Instagram‘. Yes, yes, it’s a highly prestigious award, and no, Mr. Jackman will not be taking questions at this time.

The Greatest Showman star has some 15 million people following him on Instagram, which absolutely shits all over Thor‘s 12.6 million (he must be devastated). Also, Jackman is following exactly ‘0’ people, which is a baller power move and also leads me to believe he has another, secret Instagram to follow his friends and family.

TBF, Chris Hemsworth could probably rack up another 10 billion followers if he just posted pics of himself with Taika Waititi and Mark Ruffalo more often.

Following Jackman and Hemsworth in this most prestigious of rankings is Ruby Rose (11.8 million), Miranda Kerr (11.6 million) and Iggy Azalea (10.3 million).

Liam Hemsworth follows in after that with 9 million, and can we all just take a second to think about being part of a family this handsome and talented? Ugh. [Looks around at current family] Get your shit together, siblings.

After that, you’ve got Kayla Itsines (8 million), Troye Sivan (7.6 million), 5 Seconds of Summer (7.3 million) and fitness queen Tammy Hembrow (7.4 million).

Of course, not one of these people clocks into the most followed celebrities of 2017 worldwide, who are: Selena Gomez (130 million), Cristiano Ronaldo (116 million), Ariana Grande (115 million), Beyoncé (108 million), Taylor Swift (104 million) and Kim Kardashian West (104 million) tied, Kylie Jenner (99.5 million), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (96 million), Justin Bieber (93.9 million) and Kendall Jenner (84.8 million).

You get zero guesses for guessing the most liked Instagram pic of 2017, though:

And here’s the rest of them, in order. Selena Gomez cleaned this one up, as per usual.