Here’s Hugh Jackman In A New ‘Dundee’ Teaser Like It’s Not A Huge Stitch-Up

Dundee, the biggest Australian movie to never exist, has added yet another massive star to its cast.

Hugh Jackman appears in a new trailer for the upcoming Super Bowl ad, portraying what has to be the Prime Minister of this very nation.

Standing in front of the Australian and Aboriginal flags, a suited Jackman rattles off the words “kangaroo”, “wallaby”, “wanker”, and “surf” in the space of ten seconds.

Obviously, a leader after our own hearts.

That clip is just the latest teaser for the upcoming Tourism Australia ad, which will be broadcast to tens of millions during the Super Bowl on February 4.

Earlier clips featured Danny McBride as the clueless American son of our own Crocodile Dundee, and Chris Hemsworth as the seppo’s much-needed guide through the bush.

Whether it’ll be enough to entice Americans to our fine shores remains to be seen, but if you’re reading this, you’re probably here already. If so, call in sick and head to the beach. It’s what Prime Minister Jackman would want.