The Latest ‘Dundee’ Ad Basically Stars Every Aussie Actor But Nicole Kidman

Here’s a sentence which has no right to exist, but does: a trailer introducing the cast of the non-existent new Crocodile Dundee film has been released, introducing Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe, Isla Fisher, and Liam Hemsworth as key players in the massive Tourism Australia campaign.

The latest promotional spot – itself a teaser for the full film-themed advertisement, which will air during next month’s Super Bowl – features Robbie as a defensive pub patron, Crowe as a media magnate, Fisher as a caring vet, and Hemsworth as your typical Byron burnout.

Ruby Rose, Jessica Mauboy, and Luke Bracey fill out the cast, joining Danny McBrideChris Hemsworth, and Hugh Jackman as the pre-existing stars of the faux film.

While Dundee: The Son Of A Legend Returns Home is certainly fake, the buzz around the project ain’t. According to AdNews, an analytics firm reports the campaign has already seen Tourism Australia’s digital content engagement spike a phenomenal 1256% in the space of a week.

Whether that translates to more Yanks visiting Australia is yet to be seen. As for the rest of us, already here in Australia: carry on. Just know this campaign could very well inspire a new generation of national stereotypes.