That New ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Movie Has Been Outed As A Massive Hoax

To all of the unironic Crocodile Dundee fans out there, we have some bad news: the recent trailers for Dundee: The Son Of A Legend Returns Home, featuring Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth, are part of an ad campaign.

Citing industry sources, The Brisbane Times reports the two teaser trailers form part of a Tourism Australia initiative. The clips were released in the lead-up to one big-ass Super Bowl ad, which will air Sunday, February 4.

The paper also states Sydney-based director Steve Rogers is behind the videos. Rogers has previously worked on ads for brands like Nike and Audi, and was the fella behind the infamous You’ll Never Lamb Alone TV spot.

Skeptics had questioned why Screen Australia seemed to be attached to the project without providing any information on its website. When questioned by The Brisbane Times, the organisation refused to comment.

While Tourism Australia hasn’t yet confirmed the campaign either, ol’ mate Hemsworth definitely is an ambassador. So.

Watch the videos below, and prepare for more of McBride’s clueless American interloper: