Millie Bobby Brown Super-Sizes Her Monsters, Will Star In ‘Godzilla’ Film

Millie Bobby Brown, the star of an obscure Netflix show you may have heard of called Stranger Things, has signed on for a major film role in an upcoming Godzilla movie. 
The film will be a sequel to the 2014 Godzilla, which I saw, but all I remember about it is that it starred Bryan Cranston and possibly featured large chunks of Hawaii getting fucked up by some sort of insectoid thing. 
Little else is known about the film at this stage, besides the fact that it’s called Godzilla: King Of Monsters and is directed by Michael Dougherty, whose previous work includes Krampus.
Because everything has to be part of a “cinematic universe” now, The Hollywood Reporter say that King Of Monsters will share a cinematic universe with the upcoming Kong: Skull Island.

Millie Bobby Brown had previously appeared on Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon A Time before her breakthrough role as Eleven in the supernatural thriller Stranger Things
We wish our little mate the best of luck fighting even bigger monsters.  
Photo: Jason La Veris / Getty.