Jimmy Kimmel Got Michelle Obama To Say Things She Never Could As First Lady

Michelle Obama

Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live this week to promote her new book Becoming

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The autobiography takes readers on an honest and compelling journey from Obama’s childhood to living in one of the world’s – if not the most – famous addresses, The White House.

The memoir, as Obama told Kimmel, was a real chance to reflect because “the truth is, for the last decade there was no time to think about what just happened.”

“I write about the fact that the week would start – something amazing would happen and then by the end of the week, I would have forgotten all about that amazing thing.” 

“Coming out of The White House, you needed that time to take stock and say ‘What just happened?’ What was that? And this book allowed me to do that and to really understand what those eight years meant to me personally.”

Her husband and the former President Barack Obama shared a touching tribute to Michelle upon the memoir’s release.

“Of course, @MichelleObama’s my wife, so I’m a little biased here. But she also happens to be brilliant, funny, wise – one of a kind. This book tells her quintessentially American story. I love it because it faithfully reflects the woman I have loved for so long.” 

Well isn’t that just a bloody big ‘AW’?

Anywhoo, since Obama is no longer First Lady, Kimmel thought it’d be a laff and a half to prepare a couple of cheeky phrases for Obama to read out on television.

Obviously, the Kimmel team couldn’t go too crazy for numerous reasons but the end result is still a giggle.

My personal favourite line? “Barry, be quiet and hold my purse.” 

Another fave: “I’m not sure which one is Sasha and which one is Malia.”

Catch the snippet, below.

You can watch Obama’s full interview with KimmelHERE

(Please take a moment to fully appreciate Kimmel’s introduction: “In 1989, our first guest went on a fateful date with a charming Muslim immigrant from Kenya and had no idea it would lead to her one day being First Lady of the United States of America.”)

Elsewhere on The Ellen Show, while the former First Lady tried to sign copies of her book at Costco, Ellen was being… well Ellen.