Everyone’s Going Fuckwild Over Footage Of Khloé K & The Dude From Horny Netflix Flick 365 Days

michele morrone khloe kardashian

After her literal hell of a ride with root rat Tristan Thompson, it’s not surprising that there’s so much interest in Khloé Kardashian‘s love life. She’s been spotted with the dude from Netflix’s cult horny film 365 Days, Michele Morrone, during Milan Fashion Week and the internet’s losing their collective shit over it.

Michele sat front row next to Khloé at Dolce & Gabbana’s spring/summer 2023 show. She was with Kim Kardashian‘s children — North, Chicago and Saint West — and Kris Jenner.

Confused? The Dolce & Gabbana SS23 collection was guest curated by Kim. She worked with the Italian fashion house to recreate a bunch of archival looks from 1987 to 2007. The show was titled ‘Ciao Kim’.

The seating selection may have been by pure chance, or it could have been a true GEDDIT-SIS moment from Kim — who surely had a say in who sat where. Or maybe it was Kris, judging off that mumsy side-eye.

I haven’t seen 365 Days but I can tell from Michele’s 15.4 million Instagram followers that it really got some people wet — whether metaphorically or literally, that is up to you.

Michele told People that he only had 4,000 followers before the movie was released, and that after it premiered, he woke up to more than 2 million new followers. The horniness for Michele’s content is real.

I can also tell from his Instagram account that he is objectively hot, and I can tell from a Google Image search of 365 Days that the movie is fuckwild.

To be fair, Michele and Khloé don’t look like they know each other from a bar of soap when first being seated next to one another. But as the show goes on, it looks like they get a teeny bit more comfy.

But THEN Michele posted this photo of him and Khloé to his Instagram Stories — where they appear to be backstage at the show — and I’ve got to say this reeks of real power couple areas. Or at least two people on their way to that vicinity.

khloe kardashian michele morrone

If I was taking a photo with ~just a friend~, I would not be sniffing said mate’s slut strands and looking like I want to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But that’s just me.

The internet agrees, though.

The launch of whatever pressure you deem suitable — soft, medium, hard or not at all — was then amplified when the pair were spotted hanging out at the afterparty.

Not sure what to make of this one, but it’d be an opportune time for me to have a lip-reading ability.

Michele also shared a picture of him and Kim at the Dolce & Gabbnna afterparty, however, it didn’t look like he wanted to consume her hair like he did Khloé.

kim kardashian michele morrone

Michele and Khloé haven’t said anything on the matter so it’s probably just a case of the internet getting a lil’ excited for Khloé to be with someone — anyone — who has the potential to treat her right.

Especially after that heartbreaking episode of The Kardashians aired, where Khloé discovered that Tristan had a baby on the way with another woman. According to the episode, Tristan knew about the pregnancy but kept it from her while encouraging Khloé to go through with their surrogacy.

Whether Michele and Khloé are legitimately together or not, I’m here for the horny tweets.


All I know for sure is that Kris was there, and that woman and her publicity tactics should never be underestimated.