Khloé Kardashian’s Baby True Is Being Targeted By Racist Trolls & It’s Fucked

Earlier this year Kylie Jenner stripped all photos of her baby Stormi Webster from social media and kept her concealed from the interwebs (albeit temporarily) after it was reported that her followers were making “nasty comments” and the way that Khloé Kardashian‘s followers are going, it looks like True Thompson is going to be the next Kar-Jenner kid to go.

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You may have noticed Kim Kardashian‘s recent Instagram photo that low-key broke the internet. Nope, I’m not referring to a photo of the ~nude~ variety, I’m referring to the pic of her bub Chicago West alongside cousins Stormi and True.

“The Triplets,” she captioned the sweet image.

While humans endowed with a heart, a brain and a soul looked at the pic and thought ‘man, that’s adorable,’ the dark and disturbed trolls of the internet decided to make offensive comments about Tristan Thompson and Khloé’s baby True and seriously WOT is wrong with people?

“True is so dark”, wrote one follower, while another succinctly and fucking cruelly wrote “ugly.”

“I hate that True is so dark, the other two are a nice mix… she’s a cute kid, just too dark.”

Another follower decided to bring up the conspiracy theory that OJ Simpson is Khloé’s father as a means of commenting on True’s skin tone.

“Not to be a conspiracy theorist but all the sisters have black baby fathers… why is True the only one that looks to take more of her black genes… now I don’t know how baby making works or that Khloe might be black (OJ’s daughter) but makes ya wonder.”

Meanwhile one follower thought it would be funny to pit the cousins against each other by insinuating that Chicago is cuter than True.

“Honey Khloé HAD to pierce True’s ears if you know what I mean. Chicago doesn’t need her ears pierced.”

Here’s a thought, how about Instagram properly enforces their anti-bullying policy by exiling the foul people commenting on the appearance of a baby (or anyone else, for that matter).