Mel Greig Speaks To ‘Sunday Night’ About ‘Royal Prank Call’ And All That Followed

The story that should have been a nothing, an exceedingly lame prank call by radio hosts appealing to the lowest common denominator of public taste, but became headlines worldwide and ended with a woman dead and continued death threats against those involved, continues.

When asked why she wants to keep talking about it all Mel Grieg told Melissa Doyle: “People will always have unanswered questions. ‘What really happened that day?’ ‘Why did you let that happen?’…I just want to answer everything so hopefully everyone can move forward.”

The interview which aired on Seven’s ‘Sunday Night’ is expectedly trashy and, as everyone will no doubt point out, everything that’s wrong with current ‘churnalism’. However [real talk], it is a story that holds a morbid fascination for a lot of people and, given that you’ve come this far, you’re obviously feeling it. 

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