Meet Gingzilla, Who’ll Be Repping Aussies In International Singing Comp Queen Of The Universe

gingzilla queen of the universe

Later this year, Paramount+ will be dropping its brand new international drag queen singing show, Queen of the Universe, with iconic bearded drag queen Gingzilla repping Australia in the high-stakes, high-glam production. Get into it!

Gingzilla, a ginger-bearded queen from Sydney, will be the one we’re all going to be rooting for as they compete for the top position in front of the all-star pop diva judges. Imagine an Aussie winning an international singing competition first… unbelievably iconic.

We caught up with Gingzilla so that you can know all about them before they hit the stage on the December 3rd debut of Queen of the Universe, exclusively on Paramount+.

What was your experience like filming the show?

Gingzilla – Wondrous, magical and camp as tits. International Drag Divas, fireworks, glitter cannons, rainbow unicorns and stunning scantily clad dancers… the gays are going to froth at the mouth.

It was an honour to be amongst the best of the best. The drag artistry was on a different level than I have ever witnessed before. The lewks, the voices, the personalities… you ain’t ready!!!

It was an honour to share my story and to be a part of this revolutionary show. It was like being on a mix of a Victoria’s Secret model catwalk, Miss Universe beauty pageant, American Idol and Drag Race all in one.

What does it mean to represent Australia in the competition?

Gingzilla – Being a “boy” from Baulkham Hills on the first of its kind GLOBAL Drag queen singing competition… words cannot express how proud I am to be representing Australia. I hope that my story of travelling the world, overcoming adversity and the journey of self-love and acceptance will inspire the Aussie viewers to find compassion and grace for themselves.

Having started my drag career in the Aussie fringe circuits I also want to represent the incredible cabaret, fringe and circus performers from Australia. Many of these artists I call family and many have lost their livelihoods due to Aunty Rona.

We need support systems for these live artists and to create spaces for them to perform and showcase their immense talents. Live performance is needed more than ever to bring joy, excitement and release during these trying, confusing times.

What defines your drag aesthetic?

Gingzilla – In one word – GODDESS! Glamorous, gorgeous and gigantically GINGER! There isn’t a box big enough to define my essence henny.

I utilise drag to express freedom. Freedom from the shackles of the patriarchal heteronormative bindings of the binary. Freedom from the limiting beliefs that we have to fit in and dim our bright light. Freedom to be loud, colourful and to stand out from the crowd. Drag is liberation to be anyone you want to be and to celebrate yourself for the strength and courage to do so.

You can watch the trailer for Queen of the Universe below. #TeamGingzilla all the way, babey.