Maya Hawke Joins ‘Stranger Things 3’ Cast As Weirdo ‘Alternative’ Girl

Legit, her character has only been described as “alternative” by the Stranger Things Twitter account but people are already digging it. Maya Hawke also known as Maya Thurman Hawke is the daughter of actors, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke and if you haven’t seen her face before, she is definitely Uma Thurman’s daughter.

Anyway, she’ll be joining the season three cast as Robin, who once again is an “alternative” girl looking for some adventure. And since she’s stumbled into Hawkins, it’s safe to say she’s bloody found it.

Also, huge news – Priah Ferguson, who plays the adorable and v. sassy sister of Lucas has graduated from guest star to recurring. This means wayyy more sass from Erica as she annoys the hell outta Lucas and  she’ll apparently have her own taste of the action in season three.

“If your life aspiration is to get dragged by @priahferguson it’s your lucky day. Erica just became a recurring character on Stranger Things 3 and I can’t cope.” 


And here’s a look at Maya in the official Twitter announcement below:

“Robin is new here and she’s “alternative”. We love a weirdo and a new resident. Welcome to Hawkins, Maya Hawke.” 


Maya’s also known for her performance in the 2017 TV mini-series, Little Women, a historical drama set during the American Civil War. 

People are already speculating about who Robin could be. Could she be Steve’s new girlfriend?  Could she mess with Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship? Or is the 19-year-old just here to kick some demogorgon ass?

Some fans are even going as far to say Robin is Hopper’s daughter. For reals, check out this fan theory below:

It’s pretty far fetched but then again, anything’s damn possible in Stranger Things. 

Fans also speculate she could be another Barb. 

Or this: 

Whatever the Duffer Brothers have in store for us, I’m sure it’ll mess with our emotions all over again. Can’t wait.