WATCH: Gag On This Sickeningly Simple Make Up Look Perf For Mardi Gras

Whether you’re hitting up the Mardi Gras parade this Saturday night or taking it easy with a low-key viewing party from your home, there’s no excuse to not get into the spirit.

With that in mind, we turned to award-winning make up artist Chereine Waddell for an easy-as pride look: the classic rainbow eye, perfected. You’re in good hands: Chereine was voted the Make-Up Artist Of The Year at the 2016 Australian Hair Fashion Awards, is the Beauty editor at Laud Magazine, and also teaches at TAFE NSW.

“Make-up is a lot more than what it seems,” says Chereine. “And there’s a big difference between doing makeup on yourself, and doing it on other people. Finding out which one you like [is important], because they’re very different industries.”

For Chereine, it’s the latter. Case in point:

The editorial sheen comes from her studies in fashion design and fine arts alongside makeup: looking back, it’s clear that switching between skills and careers was just part of working out where she had to be.  Chereine sees it again and again as a teacher at TAFE NSW, as budding make-up artists build confidence and realise their passion can – and should be – their career.

“I think it’s so important that you love what you do,” says Chereine.

It’s a lot of hours to be working in your lifetime if you don’t love what you do and I love what I do. It never feels like I’m working.

“I definitely think it’s about the journey more than the destination, but we grow up thinking of a destination in mind. I think you’ve got to be open to all the paths you can take.”

And in make-up, there’s a lot of paths available for qualified make-up artists. Chereine has dabbled in most of them, from editorial fashion shoots to runways, SFX work, commercial campaigns, luxe beauty salons, and working with the likes of Elisabeth Rose, Justice Crew and the team behind the Australian production of The Lion King.

Speaking of paths, let’s get back to your Mardi Gras look. You can watch the full tutorial below, but essentially you’ll need:

  • Eyeshadow pencils – Chereine recommends Maybelline Scandaleyes
  • Matching eyeshadow palette
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Gold glitter eyeshadow – Chereine uses Stilla brand
  • Flat brush, fluffy brow brush, thin eyeliner brush – Chereine recommends the Smith Cosmetics brand

Here’s the written version, though the video’s just below.

Begin by applying the pencils in thirds across eyelids, beginning with green in the corner, moving to blue and purple.

Now apply over them the matching eye shadow colours using the flat brush: with the purple, use two tones to create a deeper, richer colour on the outside of the eye.

Next, grab red or orange pencils and outline the eye socket with them as a base.

Use yellow above on the brow bone, underneath your eyebrows. A brow brush will even and blend everything out.

Underneath the eye, apply a line of dark purple, though blue works too.

Adding a little more purple eyeshadow with the brush to the eye’s corner will create more cohesion and further blend the look – do the same to the red and yellow above.

Next, outline the eye crease with liquid eyeliner.

Grad a really thin eyeliner brush to apply some Glitter eyeshadow to the bottom of the eyelid, the corner and above the eyeliner outline.

If you’re wearing foundation, add a little with a brush to smudge in the under-eye. Voila!

Still looking for makeup tips? When talking inspiration, Chereine says that it’s best to push yourself to avoid trends where you can.

“I try to avoid Pinterest and make-up-y things,” she says. “I try to look more to the way the light’s hitting the wall or the textures of nature or  clothing.”

“Right now I’m obsessed with clouds, so that’s where all my inspiration’s coming from, but next week it’s probably something like popcorn or something equally bizarre.”

Chereine’s biggest tip though, is that if makeup gives you life, you should seriously consider taking it to the next level and make it your main gig.

We’re all about bettering ourselves and moving forward in our careers and lives in 2K18. Feeling the momentum? With more than 1,200 TAFE NSW courses on offer – from degrees to certificates, from short-term to online courses – it’s never too late to switch things up. Go for it!