Matty J Hints That He Might Soon Be Popping The Question To Laura

Matty J, Laura Byrne

Lovers of all things Bachie may soon have a wedding on the way, with former man of the hour Matty J hinting that he might be getting ready to propose to long-time girlfriend Laura Byrne.

The 2017 Bachelor star now hosts Nova‘s Weekend Breakfast show alongside Matt De Groot and Sarah McGilvray, and this morning, he dropped a hint that a proposal might be imminent.

When the subject of weddings came up, Matty J told his co-hosts: “If I do get married I would like to go somewhere where I’ll have a lot of fun with the boys, like a surf trip – I don’t want to stay in Kings Cross at a bar.” His co-host McGilvray cut in, asking: “So hold on are you about to propose to Laura is what I just heard?”

Matty J then stumbled for a bit and tried to change the subject with talk of a buck’s party in London, but McGilvray continued to grill him, asking if he plans to pop the question before his and Laura’s baby is born. “No”, he responded, which presumably means he’s planning to do it after.

In December of last year, Matty and Laura revealed that they are expecting their first child together, via joint Instagram posts, which is extremely on-brand for them. Laura was approximately fifteen weeks pregnant at the time, which would put her due date around June of this year.

We are excited to hear more about this, and in the meantime, will try and get to the bottom of the mystery of where the bloody hell the new Bachelor’s glasses are.