Matt Preston Had A Disgustingly Good Response For His C-Bomb Hot Mic Moment At A TikTok Event

Matt Preston — king of the cravat and of course, the dramatic TV moment — has responded to a TikTok video of him saying “cunt” in an accidental hot mic moment. And have we not all been there before?

Popular TikToker Matt Hey AKA @alright.hey shared a clip from the TikTok For You Fest where Preston had done a live cooking segment. The gig took place on Friday night at Sydney’s Hordern Pavillion and was hosted by Tony Armstrong.

Truly, what more could you want from an event?

@alright.hey HE SAID WHAT? 🤣🤣🤣 #foryoufest2022 #foryoufest #mattpreston #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – Alright Hey 👋

“When he went off stage, I don’t think he realised his microphone was still on and he said this,” Hey said in their TikTok.

Hey then shared a clip of the event where only Armstrong can be seen. But a distinct voice can be heard in the background saying; “what a cunt of a job”. A legendary hot mic moment to be sure.

Hey added that it was, “probably the most iconic thing to happen all night”.

Matt Preston then commented on the TikTok video from his own account.

“Oopsie daisy! Well, I had a very fun night,” he said.

This is a truly iconic response and one I will certainly be deploying the next time I do anything remotely embarrassing on a night out.

As you might expect, the people in Hey’s TikTok comments enjoyed the accidental c-banger of it all.

“This is hilarious,” wrote fellow TikToker Liam Kirley.

A number of other commenters added that the moment was indeed deeply relatable. It has the energy of when you accidentally swear in front of your friend’s Mum and know you absolutely aren’t going to be allowed to stay for dinner.

“Only makes me love him more,” someone else commented. This certainly seemed to be the general sentiment on TikTok.

This fondly reminds me of the time a cricketer was accidentally broadcast dropping a c-bomb during The Ashes. Further proof that any event, from awards to the cricket, can be spiced up with an accidental hot mic.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Matt Preston regarding the disgustingly good hot mic moment.