Here’s All The Zest Reactions To The ‘MasterChef’ Judges’ Citrus-Inspired Puns Tonight

masterchef puns

Tonight’s episode of MasterChef saw contestants battle it out in a truly zesty challenge. But for the love of God, can we cool it with the citrus puns already? Fans on Twitter were quick to vent their frustrations at the pun-filled episode.

Contestants had to battle it out in a two-part citrus-inspired challenge, requiring them to cook both a sweet and savoury dish using their fruit of choice. Naturally, all the dishes looked bloody delicious, but fans weren’t too keen to sink their teeth into the puns.

Now, I love a good pun as much as the next guy. But as luck would have it, the internet is really over the citrus puns.

You could say the excess of puns left a bit of a ~sour~ taste in peoples’ mouths.

No? I’ll see myself out…

Some fans, however, actually added to the conversation with their own zesty suggestions after Andy ran out of his own puns.

Although Andy was fresh out of ideas, the internet was quick to share the juiciest puns they could come up with.

If the MasterChef producers are looking for a new pun-finding intern, they’re ripe for the picking on Twitter today.

It’s a good thing Andy is decent at critiquing food because he’s got some serious competition in the pun department.