Tonight’s episode of MasterChef saw contestants face off in a two-part challenge featuring a citrus fruit of their choosing. It was a truly zesty episode, featuring what we’re now calling “BPE” or Big Poh Energy.

But despite our sweet angel Poh not actually competing in the challenge, her energy was prominent throughout.

Callum was serving some serious BPE (Big Poh Energy) in the second round of the zesty immunity challenge. While pressure-cooking his duck legs with mandarin for the savoury portion of the challenge, he really didn’t leave himself a lot of wiggle room.

To be more specific, he left himself *checks notes* negative three minutes. Yes. -3. This man left himself precisely negative three minutes to finish his dish. It is becoming increasingly apparent that maths is not a strong suit for any of the MasterChef contestants.

I will never understand why these contestants insist on cooking thing they simply do not have time to make, but at least this dish will get the Poh stamp of approval.

Honestly, when will these contestants learn that the pressure cooker needs a minute to de-pressurize? Please, I’m begging you. Stop doing this. My poor heart can’t handle the suspense anymore.

But in true Poh fashion, he managed to pull it off. Are we surprised? Look, not particularly.

He won! He bloody won, and you cannot convince me that this wasn’t the Poh energy he was channelling tonight.

Image: MasterChef Australia