MasterChef Contestants: Where Are They Now?

Last night’s MasterChef finale saw Adam beat Callum in a multi-challenge duel that drew a record number of around 5.2m viewers and featured yet another of the oft-announced “most difficult challenge in MasterChef history”.

For the program’s debut season last year I followed the show pretty much religiously from the start, yelling at first audition blunders (“stop making stacks you idiots!”) to Julie taking out the grand final; but the 2010 incarnation didn’t provide quite enough bitchiness or contestants to dislike intensely to satisfy my reality tv show viewing requirements. While Cam, Joanne and Aaron all provided various amounts of pain, there wasn’t really one particular person who fitted into the “person i love to hate” peg hole. Interestingly it was the judges – not the contestants – who became the viewer enemy this season.

Matt Preston went from amusing dandy to pompous drama queen; although he did wear pink capri pants a couple of times which was amazing. George’s constant use of shitty cliches and dang food puns was nauseating. Gary’s pudgy fingers… It’s clear the success of the show’s first run had gone to their heads. Let’s hope they will be much better behaved in the next installment in the MasterChef franchise – coming soon.

As with any ‘talent show’-style reality tv program, the individual contestants usually experience varying degrees of success once they are out of the controlled environment. We have predicted what is in store for some of the MasterChef hopefuls now that they’re back in the real world.


Prediction Guesting on a mardi gras float dressed as an asian-fusion salad with spiced tuna.
Actual plans Started a website / foodie forum called cinnamon pig.


Prediction GQ shoot entitled ‘Yummy: Masterchef’s Fiona Sizzles’ with her holding a frypan in front of her privates.
Actual plans Working with Stephanie Alexander’s kitchen/garden program.


Prediction Replaces Denise Drysdale on ‘The Circle’. Becomes known as Media Personality Marion Grasby.
Actual plans Making a signature product line of Thai sauces and working as a columnist with MasterChef magazine.


Prediction Gets voted ‘Sexiest vegetarian’ by some weird vego mag. Teaches yoga.
Actual plans Starting a dessert company.


Prediction Becomes textbook socially awkward chef of own restaurant.
Actual plans Plans to open French Bistro ergo becomes textbook socially awkward chef of own restaurant.


Prediction Runs a rockabilly club night with vintage cars.
Actual plans Working for a wine wholesaler.

MasterChef is over for another series, but it won’t be long until Junior MasterChef begins. An inside source has said these kids are “food freaks” and correctly pronounce words like velouté, béchamel and Mirepoix with a french accent. There’s bound to be a whole heap of stage parents to provide lots of entertainment. I’m actually looking forward to this…

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