MasterChef Fans Feared For Their Salaries After George Calombaris’ Voice Appeared In Monday’s Ep

masterchef george calombaris voice

MasterChef Australia fans were doing a double-take when they heard the former judge George Calombaris‘ voice in Monday night’s episode. Someone call the Ghostbusters ASAP.

MasterChef: Fan & Favourites contestants were tasked with coming up with a dish using the same ingredients in the first mystery box in the first season of the show. It was a touching moment for returning fave Julie Goodwin who competed in the original mystery box challenge with the same ingredients in season one.

MasterChef season 7 winner Billie McKay told judge Melissa Leong about the first mystery box dish she did in her original season. It was a curry leaf and lime parfait with roast cucumber.

The producers then, without warning us, cut to what George Calombaris said when he reviewed McKay’s dish in her original season.

“To think of that by just lifting up the lid on a mystery box and not being scared is a credit to you, Billie. Well done.”

Excuse me MasterChef producers but maybe warn us next time pls. It was particularly jump scare worthy for viewers because they didn’t show Calombaris’ face when he spoke.

“The ghost of George still haunts the MasterChef AU kitchen moaning ‘boom! Shake the room’”, said one traumatised fan when the moment aired on TV.

“Omg that disembodied voice of George,” added another.

Another viewer poked fun at Calombaris’ “11/10” judging moment, suggesting the editors deserved the score for using the disgraced judge’s voice but not his face. It was disgustingly good.

Fortunately, McKay spirit cleansed the MasterChef kitchen with her latest mystery box dish: ice cream sandwiches with apple and pork caramel.

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