Ben Ungermann Has Quietly Resurfaced Post-‘MasterChef’ Binning At A QLD Restaurant

Without uttering a peep about MasterChef or any of the circumstances that surrounded his extraordinarily quick removal from the show, Ben Ungermann has resurfaced with a new gig at an extremely schmick Queensland eatery.

Ungermann was removed from production back in March following an as-yet undetailed off-screen arrest over what’s only ever been described as a “personal matter,” however he was still featured in the series up until Sunday night, when he was unceremoniously written out of the show in a very quick two-line explanation from host and just Jock Zonfrillo. Following that chaotic incident, which cast were not informed of ahead of time, fellow MasterChef contestants have claimed to have not seen or heard from Ben since he vanished from the show.

Yesterday, however, just as the dust was settling from being yoinked out of there, Ungermann suddenly resurfaced in the food world.

Through a pair of Instagram posts, Ungermann revealed he’d taken up a gig at the Woodlands of Marburg resort in the outer western reaches of Brisbane, where he’s already launched an Indonesian inspired takeaway menu for the venue.

A post from the restaurant’s official Instagram page formally welcomed Ungermann to the business as their kitchen’s new “Gourmet Chef.”

So while that particular question is now answered, we’re still no closer to understanding the circumstances regarding Ungermann’s removal from the competition, nor are we any closer to any clarity on why producers removed him in such a hasty fashion.

A mystery bigger than any box could ever contain, this one.