Literal Human Sunbeam Amina Is Gone From ‘MasterChef’ & Honestly What’s The Fkn Point Now

Fair suck of it, what’s the bloody point of MasterChef: Back To Win now that Amina is gone.

Without question, one of, if not the, outright best and brightest elements of this year’s competition is the cast’s women; specifically, their willingness to bring each other up in stressful challenges, their keenness to help out and support each other – even on dishes that aren’t their own – and their general, overabundance of unfiltered posi vibes.

Chief among those this season has been Amina Elshafei. A radiant moonbeam. A beautiful angel. A national treasure that should be protected at all costs.

And last night the show just cast her aside without a second thought.

Let’s not pull any punches here: Although Amina’s Darren Purchese-set Pressure Test started off on shaky ground, she got absolutely robbed stone cold motherless blind by the challenge’s bullshit “twist,” which buried her deep into the ground just so, what, Purchese could wrench a bead of sweat out of Reynold who is his direct market competitor?

For those of you who missed it, in last night’s Pressure Test – a complex multi-layered dessert – contestants had their written recipes reefed away from them with one hour to go in the cook.

That’s all well and good for Reynold, who is a literal professional dessert chef. That’s all well and good for Jess, whose brain retains recipe ratios like mine does the names of mid 90s footballers. That’s all well and good for Laura, who I suspect just looks at everything that isn’t pasta and just imagines that it is.

But jesus christ, a Pressure Test for your average Back to Win cast member without a recipe is sadism. What godforsaken price are we willing to pay just to see Reynold sweat a little bit?

Apparently that price is “Amina goes home” and also “I cry on the couch like a big stupid idiot.”

Is that worth it? Is what you’ve done to us all – wrenching this magnificent bright, shining star off our screens during these truly piss-awful times – worth it? Is that juice you’ve squeezed from last night sweet and satisfying? Or is it bitter and lumpy because you know in your heart of hearts that your bullshit quest to “shake things up” has caused nothing but pain?

I’m not alone in this. We are all united in our deep dismay at what that this shitty awful show with its bullshit twist has gone and done to lovely Amina.

Awful twist! Very bad! Fucking hate Twist Week so violently much!

Shame! Shame on all of you!