It Took Melissa Eating Takeaway At Home For People To Realise How Much ‘MasterChef’ Needs Her

Tonight was takeaway night on MasterChef. Finally, a cuisine we too can indulge in from the safety and comfort of self-isolation.

Did it feel like there was some Deliveroo product placement going on? Kind of. Was it still more relatable than 9dain0% of episodes simply because of lockdown? Yeah.

How convenient…

….a little too convenient, if you ask some people.

But first things first. The ep kicked off with a guess-the-dish challenge featuring a bunch of takeaway classics.

Little did we know how much ~drama~ was about to unfold.

On the final dish, the MasterChef producers may have ignited an international dispute over the origin of laksa.

Almost half of the contestants wrote Singapore. Almost half wrote Malaysia. The remaining handful had no idea what they were talking about.

But back to Singapore vs. Malaysia. The judges were only able to mediated this bitter dispute by accepting both answers.

Crisis averted, thanks to the power of diplomacy.

Now to the cooking. There was a lot of rice being cooked, and the contestants in the gantry has some opinions about that.

Quite strong opinions, actually.

Plating up for the judges was a bit different this time around.

Melissa would be eating at home, while Jock and Andy would be eating in the MasterChef kitchen.

Obviously, this called for the most extravagant montage of Deliveroo riders possible. The producers spared no expense to give Melissa a good feed.

But would you look at that. They’re riding plain white scooters, as if we totally forgot about the poor old Vespa outside the kitchen.

Missed opportunity, smh.

With Melissa eating from home, literally everyone reckoned Jock and Andy were pretty hopeless on their own.

Like, as in, Melissa beamed rays of goodness from her own home while the rest of the time we were stuck watching two guys whose opinions don’t matter.

When the judges got to Ben’s nasi goreng, people were bitterly divided over the fact he gave Melissa a chicken egg for takeaway while he gave the boys a dainty little quail egg.

But in the end, it was Chris who went home. His curry + beer combo just didn’t cut it.

But the real, uhh, takeaway, from all this, is that everyone orders home delivery. Don’t be a hater who pretends not to. Don’t lie to Khanh.

Anything else to add, Khanh?

Ah, same.