Mary-Kate Olsen Had Her Divorce Hearing Over Zoom & I Can’t Stop Staring At The Wild Photos

Welcome to the future, where divorce hearings can occur over Zoom, which means it’s even easier for us to gain access to the spicy proceedings and see what goes down when celebs split. So remember last year when it was announced that Mary-Kate Olsen was divorcing her banker husband, Olivier Sarkozy? Well their virtual hearing just went down and it’s fucking FASCINATING.

But, as frequent users of Zoom (read: fucken’ all of us) will know, the video chatting service isn’t always super reliable, so naturally there were some glitches during the meeting, mostly on MK’s end.

Us Weekly reports that Olsen struggled to get her video working, so she apologised to New York Judge Lori Sattler after unintentionally popping in and out of the chat.

The Daily Mail reported Olsen struggled to pull up the video, saying, “Guys, I need help up here. Can you hear me?”

Approximately 10 minutes into the hearing, the fashion designer was finally able to join Sarkozy and their lawyers for a call that lasted 20 minutes.

Mary-Kate Olsen

The once happy couple. (Credit: Getty)

During the hearing, Sarkozy’s attorney, Michael Mosberg, confirmed to the judge that the former couple had come to a final agreement on the divorce, more than eight months after their split.

Have a geeze at the wild image here, showing various lawyers, the judge, an angry Sarkozy and a smizing Mary-Kate Olsen.

While the lawyers agreed to submit the settlement agreement as soon as possible, the judge set a hearing date for January 25 just in case. Olsen and Sarkozy subsequently told Sattler that they had no questions.

The judge concluded by instructing the lawyers to “file the papers and let’s get them divorced. I think that’s the same objective for all of us.”

At first I thought this was a thing that only I care about, but it turns out that Twitter is equally OBSESSED with Mary-Kate Olsen and her virtual divorce proceedings.

Olsen and Sarkozy got hitched back in November 2015. An insider previously told Us Weekly that Olsen was sweet in the dirvorce as she has an “ironclad prenup”, noting that her and sister Ashley Olsen’s “business interests and fortune are protected.”

You got it, dude!