Marty Smiley’s New Doco Asks Young Brits What The Hell Is Going On With Brexit

In case you haven’t caught up on Marty Smiley in the past little while, you’ll be chuffed to learn the former Channel [V] presenter has been cracking on with a suite of docos for The Feed.

Even better: his latest work, End Of Britain, might even get you up to speed on the Brexit crisis which questions the “great” in Great Britain.

[jwplayer QcHAt6lc]

The doco promises to show the fella chatting with folks who voted for the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union, those who want to get out of there as fast as possible, and young people scared for the future of their country.

via The Feed / SBS

We get the influx of Brexit news can be disorienting, but Smiley’s doco arrives at a pivotal moment: if British politicians and EU leaders don’t hash out an arrangement before October 31, and if no extension is granted, England will tumble out of Europe with no clear pathway forward.

Critics of Brexit warn food shortages, chaos in hospitals, and border crises are on the cards if that comes to pass. Gnarly stuff. And that’s without mentioning many of the familiar arguments put forward by Britain’s youth.

End Of Britain hits SBS Viceland tonight at 8.30pm AEDT, and you’ll be able to stream it on SBS On Demand afterwards. Now, if you excuse us, we need to research “proroguing” and ask why Nigel Farage is still kicking about.