UK Military Chiefs Meet In Legit Nuclear Bunker To Prepare For Brexit Chaos

Officials from the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence have hunkered down in an honest-to-God nuclear bunker as they prepare for a potential no-deal Brexit scenario, which experts warn could plunge the UK into absolute chaos.

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The BBC reports a military contingency plan, known as Operation Redfold, has begun operations in meeting rooms deep underneath the Ministry’s London headquarters.

Even though Parliament has voted to reject a no-deal scenario, the Brexit deadline is still set for March 29.

If they fail to vote for provisions outlining their orderly departure from the European Union before then, or if they fail to secure an extension on the deadline, the UK will sail past March 29 without vital trade agreements with their continental counterparts.

Experts have warned the UK could instantly be cut off from deals providing vital food, medicine, and energy supplies if that no-deal scenario comes to pass.

The threat of British bureaucrats scrambling to secure new deals with the EU sounds boring, but the Ministry of Defence is reportedly gravely fucking concerned.

Operation Redfold is keeping 3,500 troops on standby for a no-deal scenario, in order to help out with things like transporting food and fuel to regions suddenly cut off from traditional trade arrangements.

But a defence spokesperson said those troops could be deployed in any number of ways, telling the BBC “we will consider any requests from other government departments if they feel defence capability could contribute to their no-deal planning.”

News of the nuclear bunker crisis meetings comes as Prime Minister Theresa May scrambles to push her twice-defeated Brexit bill through Parliament, securing an orderly departure from the EU.

However, the chances of Parliament voting on a deal, securing an extension on the Brexit deadline, or simply finding a way to stay in the goddamn EU are obviously slim enough for the military to begin preparations for the worst.