Holy Shit, Manny From Degrassi Brought Back That Blue G-String For A TikTok Throwback

degrassi manny santos g-string tiktok

Nearly 17 years after the iconic episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation aired, the famous g-string whale tail look has been recreated by the actress who debuted it in the first place. This is a hell of a throwback, let me tell you.

Cassandra Steele, who played Manny Santos in the Canadian teen drama that I was absolutely obsessed with, recreated her 2003 look when Manny decided she wanted to try and boost her popularity at school. The way to do that? Buying your first g-string, baby.

If you can’t remember the moment, feel free to reacquaint yourself with the episode below – the thong scene comes in at about the seven-minute mark. It’s a whole mood from the bucket hat, to the lowrider jeans (which must never return), to the matching terry-towelling mid-riff baby blue tracksuit that Manny’s wearing.

I C O N I C.

I remember watching this episode when I was 12 and just being so floored that someone would wear their undies like that, for everyone to see. I actually think this might have been what spurred me to eventually pick up my own first g-string, and immediately hate the eternal wedgie it gave me.

Now it’s been nearly 17 years since that huge moment in teen drama TV – which absolutely perpetuated the whale tail look through celeb culture, highschools aplenty, and out very own Kim Craig (née Day) – Cassandra has brought the look right back to turn it out all over again.


Time warp 🤪 #mannysantos #degrassithenextgeneration #bussitchallenge

♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

Love this for her, love this for me, love this for her former co-star Drake, who pretty much immediately slid into her Insta comments to say this look should be put in a museum. When the man’s right, he’s right, you know?

degrassi g string thong throwbackNice.

I’m not sure what’s most impressive here though, is it the fact that she’s fully turned the mid-00s trend into a 2021 fit, or the fact that Cassandra has somehow found a g-string that looks shockingly close to the one she sported all those years ago?

All I know for sure is the nostalgia has hit me so hard I think I have whiplash, and it’s definitely time for a rewatch of Degrassi: The Next Generation, a.k.a. the best iteration of that show ever.