First Look At Netflix’s ‘Degrassi’ 2.0 Brings The Soap, Is Still BYO Drake

Teen drama fans, you better listen up.

Netflix have dropped the latest taste of their pure, uncut Canadian goodness with a teaser for Degrassi: Next Class, and it kicks like a bloody mule. 
Feel free to create a bingo sheet of oh-so-relevant teen-drama memes, and tick ’em off as you power through this little nugget. 

Burgeoning music career shot down by friends and family? Check. 
Sporting triumph (apparently now played out through the realm of computer gaming)? Check. 
Reminders that you should chill with your self-doubt because “there is no normal?” Chicketty-chicketty-check, friend. 
The series drops on January 15 in the U.S, ready to PSA its way into your hearts all over again. Bump into it in the hallway below:
Story via A.V Club. 
Image via Youtube.