Man Fatally Shot At Sydney’s Central Station After Confrontation With Police

A man has reportedly been fatally shot by police in Sydney‘s Central Station.

According to witnesses, the man, holding a pair of scissors, was involved in a “confrontation” with a florist when police were called, arriving at the scene just before 6:45 this evening.
The ‘Sydney Morning Herald‘ is reporting that the man was shot at least three times in the chest after he refused to lower the scissors.
Witness Markell Brownscombe said he saw one plainclothes and two uniformed police officers pointing weapons at the man:
“They were aiming the gun at him and yelling at him put it down, then he was not putting it down.

“He was saying something, but I didn’t hear him saying it. Later someone told me he was saying ‘shoot me’. He didn’t need to die.”
Another witness told ‘The Australian‘ that the man was holding the scissors to the florist’s throat and was cutting his own face and telling onlookers that he wanted to die:
“He tried to grab the old man and cut himself. You saw scars on his face, bleeding.”
In a statement, police said that a “critical incident investigation will now examine all circumstances surrounding the incident.

Source: SMHThe Australian.
Photo: Twitter / @AndreasBooth.