Here Are The MAFS Cast’s Group Chats & The Name Of The Boys’ ‘Villain’ Chat Is SENDING Me

Married At First Sight (MAFS) is one of those experiences that you’d think would form lifelong friendships. But just like a two-week Contiki tour in South America, the friendships that feel like they’ll last forever after one or two tequila shots most likely will come to an end. Yes, even if you got a matching tattoo in the hostel bar at 2am.

But now, judging by the active group text chats still going strong amongst the MAFS 2023 cast, we know which friendships have lasted the test of time. Especially now that the series has come to an end.

So Dramatic! podcast host Megan Pustetto copped some juicy intel from an anonymous participant that the MAFS 2023 cast started off with a girls chat and a boys chat during filming, but quickly those groups dissipated into smaller group text chains.

“There was a girls group chat but a lot of the girls left because one bride kept sending in articles about herself,” the source revealed to the pod

Bronte (Schofield), Sandy (Jawanda), Lyndall (Grace) and Evelyn (Ellis) all left because it became too much for them. It was like, ‘Look what this person said about you, or look at this comment,’” they said.


For those wondering, that leaves Tahnee Cook, Caitlin McConville, Melinda Willis, Janelle Han, Tayla Winter, Alyssa Barmonde, Claire Nomarhas and Melissa Sheppard.

I know it’s super annoying but as a wanker and a Leo, I’d 100 per cent be that person in the group chat linking articles about myself. Self absorbed? Absolutely.

“Sandy, Lyndall, Claire, Alyssa and Bronte then started their own group chat. Janelle, Tahnee and Alyssa also have a group chat. Melinda and Evelyn also have a group chat, as does Melinda and Caitlin,” the insider source said.

Personally, I wouldn’t call two people texting a group chat but I’m still grateful for the insider intel about Melinda’s main gal pals.

Allegedly, the fellas initial group chat suffered a similar fate.

Cam (Woods), Rupert (Bugden), Duncan (James) and Ollie (Skelton) have a group chat. Ollie and Rupert are best friends so they have another chat,” the insider source claimed.

Harrison (Boon), Dan (Hunjas), Duncan, Cam, Jesse (Burford), Adam (Seed), Shannon (Adams), Josh (White), Layton (Mills) are in another chat but Layton never writes in it.

“Layton is kind of on the outs with the boys because he’s not a fan of Harrison, and all the boys, except Ollie and Layton, like him.”

But the absolutely best bit of intel from the secret cast member source was that all the grooms who got a bad edit have created their own club.

And, get this, they’ve called it “Bad Boys For Life”.

While the source didn’t exactly spell it out, I’m hoping they spell it like “Bad Boiz 4 Lyf” like a group of Year Six boys who just got their first mobile phone.

Probably Josh’s face when he finds out he’s not in Bad Boiz 4 Lyf.

The source also alleged that Harrison acts as the “pick up artist” in the group, which Google tells me is someone who fancies themselves an expert at picking up potential sexual partners.

Again, Bad Boiz 4 Lyf. 

I wish you could all see me right now. I’m howling. I’m a mess. This show and these men have ruined me.