The MAFS Grooms Went Rogue Again With A Night Out Before The Reunion & There’s Pics To Prove It

MAFS boys night out

With all the ongoing drama of Married At First Sight 2023, you’d expect there to be some beef between the fellas on the show. But thanks to a MAFS boys night out, it seems like all the shit that went down is water under the bridge. Gee, there’s nothing like guys doing dude’s stuff and bros being bros to make the grooms forget about the all backstabbing that went on over the last few months.

The cast reconnected in Sydney in December to film the reunion episodes. According to the Daily Mail, instead of waiting for the cameras to roll to get on the piss, a handful of the grooms decided to host a little reunion of their own. Despite the fact that fraternising before the reunion episodes is allegedly against the producer’s rules.

I guess they just don’t give a fuck anymore, hey?

In attendance was Dan Hunjas, Harrison Boon, Hugo Armstrong, Josh White and Layton Mills. Judging by the posed group pics that remind me of when my friends and I would go to the city with a digital camera to document our every move, it looks like they were having an absolute banger of a time.

You can have a geez at the chummy pics here.

The group were dressed in all black fits except for Hugo who was serving a grey-white ensemble. It leads me to believe they either;

A. Have a group chat without Hugo and coordinated their outfits. Sorry, King.
B. Hugo has a lead-singer-of-a-boy group complex. Again, sorry King.

While I love to see their friendships blossoming, I was surprised to see Layton and Harrison looking like absolute besties after their constant on-screen clashes. I mean, Harrison did try to ruin Layton’s relationship with Melinda Willis after all. Their new found friendship was apparently confirmed by an insider source.

“It was a wild night,” an insider told the Daily Mail.

“Layton and Harrison, who are supposed to be enemies, were getting on like a house on fire. They were joking around and buying each other drinks. It was like they were best mates.”

Wow. If they can put the past behind them, so can we. This is a story of resilience, my friends.

Although the blokes seem chummy and content, I can’t wait to see whether the harmony and solidarity that only a night out can bring will be evident in next week’s reunion episodes. Especially when the experts dredge up all the shitty things a couple of them *cough* Dan and Harrison *cough* put their on-screen wives Sandy Jawanda and Bronte Schofield through.

Can their cute new friendship stand the weight of their problematic actions?