A Massive MAFS Trailer Just Dropped If You’re Itching For More Drama After That Cooked Reunion

Ok relax, get yourself a cup of tea and take a moment after that cooked part one of the Married at First Sight Reunion. Ok done? NOW HERE’S MORE MAFS, because an extended trailer for season eight has just been released.

In some very clever marketing by Nine, they peppered the Reunion with little sneak peaks for MAFS 2021 in the ad breaks. The Reunion episode then concluded with a huge-ass trailer for the new season, and it looks GOOD.

Trisha Stratford (one of the experts) has been given the boot and will now be replaced by sexologist Alessandra Rampolla. I for one am very excited about this new expert, because she actually seems to be an expert.

In the trailer, Allesandra gets the contestants to engage in all sorts of baby-making activities, like cupping each other’s genitals (over clothes ok, perverts). Then another couple is seen straddling each other in a warm embrace, and boy, you can feel the sexual tension through the screen.

Also, I’m now in love with the guy who said: “Man, if she can make me laugh, done.”

It also looks like they’ll be a lot of drama, and potentially more cheating scandals. I cannot wait.

It’s our first up-close look at the MAFS 2021 cast that isn’t a weird drone shot, their leg stepping out of a car or the back of their head. Unfortunately, that means that I’ve noticed a discernible lack of flavour in the cast, yes it’s quite literally a ghost town this season *sighs*.

But there does seem to be a lack of older contestants, which sucks, because Mishel Karen was possibly my favourite person on last year’s season. But I’m hoping and praying that we’ll see a bit more diversity when MAFS 2021 airs on February 22, maybe they’re just saving the good stuff for the premiere.

So without further ado.

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