Power Ranking The Love Island Couples By Which Ones Didn’t Avada Kedavra My Heart This Week

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

This week on Love Island Australia 2021, the bomb (a.k.a. Emily) was detonated, sending huge shock waves through the competition.

If the teasers are anything to go by, we’re in for some major surprises v. soon, but until then, let’s power rank the current couples and see who’s most likely to win this thing.

Chris and Zoe

I… feel… like… I can’t really trust Chris at this point.

He seemed to be head over heels for his Hermione, Rachael, but not five minutes after she was Avada Kedavra’d out of the Villa, he POUNCED on newbie Zoe, as if he was waiting for the switch.

IDK… I don’t trust him as far as I can kick him, and I can’t really trust this couple either.

Aaron and Jess

These two just seem like they’re made for each other. Just two peas in a pod.

That being said, it feels very couple of the week to me. Just wait ’til they drop in a bunch of new peeps next week and both of them will be trailing off to have dEeP cHaTs with other folks.

Mark my bloody words, fam.

Ryan and Lexy

At this point, these two are the most consistent pair in the Villa and in this exxy Byron Bay house, we stan a consistent love story!

Their relationship has gone from strength to strength and watching both of them freak the fuck out when Lexy was almost evicted really sealed it for me.

I love these two like Ryan loves telling the tale of 500 women.

Mitch and Tina

My boy Taku is single now and he hasn’t had luck with many gals, so Mitch and Tina have taken over as the most likely to win.

Not saying that they’ve ranked at numero uno by default, but their love story just looks the most promising out of the rest, don’t ya reckon?

I mean, they fed each other on national television. It was gross, but if that doesn’t spell love, I dunno what does!

Love Island Australia continues on Monday night. Get caught up via 9Now.