It’s nearly Christmas and you know what that means, folks: it’s time to rewatch Love Actually for the 946th time and then complain about how the plot is actually really fucking weird and question why Richard Curtis was allowed to write and direct such a film in the first place. Well, get ready to add another bee to your proverbial bonnet ‘cos the most ludicrous deleted scene from the movie has resurfaced and people are losing their collective minds over how absurd it is.

If you cast your mind to the end of Love Actually, you’ll remember the moment when tiny Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) runs through Heathrow Airport to tell Joanna (Olivia Olson) he loves her even though they’re like, children. For some inexplicable reason, security are also incapable of catching him.

It was all very dramatic and made 11-year-old me believe I too would find love with a classmate in primary school. I was a bonafide horse girl until Year 7 and hadn’t grown into my nose yet so sadly, this did not happen.

Alas, I digress. The reason I speak about the airport is because the legendary, iconic and awe-inspiring Love Actually deleted scene was filmed there, and it involves wee soppy Sam.

Now, said scene first emerged in 2013, so it’s hardly new. But Twitter user Patrick Fisackerly recently posted it, thus reminding folks of its existence. We thank him for his service.

So without further ado, here’s the deleted scene in all its audacious glory.

I— did we all fucking see that? The flips? The cartwheels? That little performance with the two uneven bars where you can actually see him think, “Tee hee hee! They won’t catch me if I do this”? The body double who was dead-ass a fully grown adult?

Mans out here moonlighting as an Olympic gymnast. I don’t know why he was so obsessed with learning how to play the drums when he had the natural reflexes of a spider monkey. Legend has it he’s still doing back flips to this day.

Well, it turns out Sam’s stunning gymnastic abilities were actually going to play a ‘yuge role in the original draft of Love Actually.

“We were a bit torn whether or not to put [the scene] in because there would have been sort of effects and polish done on it, but we didn’t and I think it’s fun,” Curtis said in the director’s commentary.

“In the original draft of the movie there were lots of mentions about the fact that Sam, the little boy, was a brilliant gymnast and you casually saw him when he was very sad doing double twists and turns and not getting any joy out of it at all.

“So when it came to the airport … he brought his gymnastic prowess into play and this is a very rough edit of how he would’ve been the Nadia Comăneci [or] Olga Korbut of the movie.

“And it just goes from the moment that they arrive at the airport to the moment that he sees Joanna with a lot more physical stuff in the film than [there] is now.”

I’m genuinely losing my mind at the thought of poor, wee Sam sombrely doing cartwheels in his room. Just out there executing the most magnificent, Simone Biles-level backflips with tears in his eyes. It’s a thing of pure, unadulterated beauty.

I demand Richard Curtis release the glum gymnastics B-roll immediately.

As we’ve already established, the deleted scene was originally revealed in 2013. It reemerged around December 2020 according to HuffPost, and around Christmas time last year per The Independent

Seeing as it’s December 2022, it makes sense that it’s doing the rounds online again. And the internet is lapping it up like a cat going gung ho on a saucer of cream.

I’ll see you this time next year when quite literally the most cursed Love Actually deleted scene rears its goofy head again.

Image: Love Actually / Richard Curtis / Studio Canal