Louis Theroux Says He Wants To Do A “Three-Parter” Doco On Australia

The last time he was in Australia, our favourite British inquisitive lad, Louis Theroux, revealed that he’s really interested in producing a documentary in Australia, and two years later he’s still got it on his mind.

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Back in 2016, Theroux was over here for a speaking tour, and let slip that he had a thought to delve into the relationship that Australia has with its indigenous people, and specifically wanted to “get into the outback” to satiate his fascination with the Australian landscape.

Speaking with PEDESTRIAN.TV, the seasoned journalist and ever-curious Theroux said that he’s extremely keen to come back to Aus, but just doesn’t quite know how he’d broach a doco based on the great southern sunburnt land, hinting that it might turn out looking similar to his upcoming miniseries, Altered States.

I would like to come back to Australia and do a sort of three-parter in Australia. I mean I don’t know if it will be practical, based on having three children in education over here.

But I really love to be in Australia and I don’t say that in a kind of pro forma way. I just enjoyed being somewhere that was so far away but in certain ways also felt quite familiar.


Despite the slight issue of having multiple children under the age of 15, he says that he’s still got his eyes set on coming back to Australia regardless – maybe not in a filming-a-doco capacity, but at least for a visit to a place that he finds so fascinating for all its likeness and contrasts with the UK.

I found the people extremely friendly and…all the similarities and also the differences with British culture. So I’d love to come back, and I haven’t quite figure out if there’s a way of doing stories there. But the plan is to come back hopefully year after next.

If you’re itching for some more Louis in your life, his latest doco Love Without Limits‘ is set for an Aussie cinema release on November 30, which features a real immersive experience that Louis has told us was “a bit too far than he was ready for.”

The doco on the polyamory community in Portland is a part of the wider Altered States series, which also sees Louis tackling the bookends of life in the US – adoption and voluntary euthanasia. The short doco series is set to be up for binge-watching on BBC Knowledge on Foxtel from December 6.