Yr Fave Brit Louis Theroux Is Premiering His New Polyamory Doco In Aus

It’s been two years since his last feature-length doco where he tried to innocently question his way into the Church of Scientology, and now everyone’s favourite documentary maker Louis Theroux returns with his genuinely curious style of interviewing – immersing himself in typically taboo or stigmatised communities. And lucky for us, he’s premiering his new film in Aussie cinemas in November.

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His newest doco Love Without Limits explores the dynamics of polyamorous relationships in PortlandOregon, and what that looks like to each of his interview subjects. From couples that have opened their marriage and allowed each other to explore romantic connections outside of the family home, to couples that have welcomed other partners into their home, Theroux injects himself into the day to day lives of people who make the poly approach to life work.

I mean, kudos to them. I’m too much of a jealous tit to ever be able to be in a poly relationship and hey that’s totally okay. I’m not here to yuck anyone’s yum.

It’s a huge pleasure to present Love Without Limits on Australian screens. It seems appropriate, on the 20th anniversary of Weird Weekends, that it is a documentary that relies upon a more participatory and slightly more comical style of storytelling than some of my other recent offerings.

Among its pleasures is my toe-curling involvement at a “sensual eating workshop”. I will never look at whipped cream in quite the same way. Viewers can also expect a clear-eyed and unblinkered look at the upsides, the downsides, and maybe even some of the backsides of the lifestyle known as polyamory.

That sensual eating workshop is teased in the doco’s trailer below and if that’s not one of the most Louis Theroux moments, then I don’t know what is. More content for my favourite Twitter account, No Context Louis? You bet your sweet ass it is.


As well as the new film, the screenings will show a special interview with Theroux to celebrate 20 years since his first solo exploration of off-beat topics on Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends. The exclusive interview will have him reflecting back on some of the more ~interesting~ points of experiencing life with survivalists, UFO truthers, swingers, and more.

The new doco is premiering on November 30 in a bunch of cinemas across Aus, including HoytsDendy, and Palace cinemas, and a few independent theatres. Check out the full list over here.