Locky Met The Parents On Bachie & Survived A Question About Feminism By The Skin Of His Teeth

Tonight on The BachelorLocky met ~the parents~. First up were Izzy‘s mums, who immediately jumped at the chance to quiz the man about feminism. He looked visibly flustered.

Things started off easy, when they asked Locky what his values were. He answered: drive, passion, support, always-learning, and passion (again).

Not a great start, especially for a dude with “Strength & Honour” literally tattooed across his chest.

Up next was the question we’ve all been waiting for: “What do you think about feminism?”

At that moment, Locky – and probably the whole country – took a big old gulp.

What would this bloke’s bloke have to say about the sheilas, huh?


At first, Locky stuttered and fumbled his way around the question.



But then, Izzy’s mum elaborated and asked Locky about how he envisions his relationship with Izzy.

Specifically, he was asked about whether he would want her to be a stay-at-home wife while he goes out and brings home the bacon, or if he’d let her thrive in her own career.

Not that either life choice is right or wrong, but Locky really needed to make clear he’d support Izzy in whatever she wanted to do.

And that’s kind of what he said, thank god.

Izzy’s mum was impressed. The man made it through… just. But opinions on Twitter were still somewhat mixed.



They then asked Locky if he’d be willing to freeze some of his cum as a consolation prize and uhhhhh… what?

Whatever it takes to impress the parents. Hmmm.

One more thought:


Lesson learned: be able to articulate how much you respect women before dating four at once.