The Veronicas’ Lisa Origliasso Reveals She Suffered A “Heartbreaking” Ectopic Pregnancy

Lisa Origliasso

Lisa Origliasso of The Veronicas has taken to her Instagram stories to reveal that she recently suffered an ectopic pregnancy, saying that she now hopes she can bring awareness to the “heartbreaking” journey faced by many women and couples.

She said that she took several pregnancy tests last month, and when all came back positive, she hid them in a pot plant for partner Logan Huffman to find. “We cried, laughed and held on to each-other in pure excitement that we were going to be starting a great journey,” she said.

The couple spent the next two weeks thinking of baby names, but Origliasso said that the joy turned to confusion when she began to experience irregular bleeding, and so she immediately booked a doctor’s appointment to find out what was going on.

She said that her doctor then sent her to the emergency room to undergo blood tests and an ultrasound for a possible ectopic pregnancy. She had never heard of this, and said:

“It’s when the baby implants somewhere else, like the fallopian tube instead of the uterus – the pregnancy is not viable and if it continues to grow [it] would be life-threatening to the mother.”

At the time, it was determined that she had likely suffered a miscarriage, but follow-up blood tests and ultrasounds confirmed it to be an ectopic pregnancy, at which point Origliasso says she required “urgent medical attention to stop it from becoming critical.”

Reflecting on the experience, she said that:

“The miracle of life is a fragile dance and sure, there’s a little bit of luck involved and hard truths along the way … but it’s how we choose to keep growing through these broken branches … reaching towards the sun in our darkest hours that proves to ourselves just how strong we really are.”

She went on to say that “inevitably, I know one day we will have a family” but she says she felt compelled to speak out so that if her story “makes one woman feel less alone, then that to me is worth it.”