Jackie O Says Lindsay Lohan Is Fkn Devo That She Couldn’t Return To Oz For Masked Singer S2

It was recently announced that because of the mass travel ban put in place for COVID, Lindsay Lohan would not be reprising her role as judge on the second season of Australia’s The Masked Singer.

She is set to be replaced on the upcoming season by comedian Urzila Carlson, which is an absolutely fabulous choice, but there’ll definitely be a Lindsay-shaped hole in the show as she was a big part of its debut season.

And according to current judge Jackie O, Lindsay is absolutely devo about being replaced and same, TBH.

“We’ve stayed in touch after she was on the panel last year,” the radio host told WHO. “She’s so upset that she couldn’t make it back to Australia, but it just wasn’t possible. I know she’ll try and watch it from her home. I loved what she brought to the show last year.”

She went on to answer a burning question that viewers have had: How the fuck did LiLo go guessing all those local yokel Aussie stars?

Welp, Jackie revealed that a lot of the “guesswork” was cut from the eps and Lindsay was much more confused than we were led to believe.

“We’ll really miss her energy and her crazy guesses,” she said. “A lot of her guesswork got cut from the episodes last year. So myself, Hughesy or Dannii Minogue would often be like, ‘Um, Lindsay, no, I don’t think Lady Gaga has come to Australia to dress up as a prawn on The Masked Singer.’”

I’m sorry, WHAT? That would have been TV GOLD! Someone pls leak the footage!!!

And finally, Jackie O praised the addition of Urzila to the show, and we have no doubt she’ll make an excellent replacement.

“She’s hilarious,” Jackie said. “I think she’ll bring something different to the show because she’s so warm and funny. We’ve all fallen in love with her on set.”

The Masked Singer is coming soon to Channel Ten.