TV Execs Reveal What It’s Like Working With Lindsay Lohan Since Her Comeback

Everyone knows the legendary story of how Lindsay Lohan murdered her own career and if you don’t, here’s a quick little summary.

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She started off as a sweet and humble budding actress on cutesy Disney films like The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday before becoming a teen icon, starring in a bunch of popular rom-coms including Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls and Just My Luck.

It was around this time that she reportedly lost herself in the LA party scene and started showing up to work drunk or hungover, when she even bothered to show up at all.

Not only that, but her list of diva demands and her negative attitude while on-set allegedly became unbearable for cast and crew.

Lohan in Just My Luck

On the set of the 2006 teen drama film Just My Luck, for example, Lohan reportedly overdosed on cocaine while filming, refused to do read-throughs with her co-stars and went missing for days on end, forcing production to slam to halt.

Speaking to The Times about working with the young actress, a seasoned crew member said: “I’ve never seen anything like this. She is making our lives a living hell. It’s just not professional.”

As word of Lohan’s on-set antics spread like wildfire throughout the industry, she essentially became unhireable and was, one might say, booted out of Hollywood.

She then moved overseas where she stayed relatively quiet for years before emerging last year with the announcement of her upcoming MTV reality series, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club which follows the former child star as she runs a club in her new home of Mykonos.

She also recently starred in the British comedy series Sick Note alongside Rupert Grint, her first television role in three years, and her first ever role as a series regular.

Lohan in Sick Note

So now that Lohan’s been given a second chance at fame, has she grown as an actress and restored her once prized work ethic? According to the TV execs she’s worked with since her comeback, she has indeed.

Nina Diaz, president of programming and development for MTV, VH1, and Logo Group spoke positively about working with Lohan on her new reality show.

“Our experience from the first time we met was only how invested in the project and committed she was,” Diaz told Variety, adding that Lohan was involved in “every step” of the creative process and literally lived on set, a big improvement from her younger self who would spontaneously go missing and halt production.

“She really embraced it, was invested from the start and was ready to dive in and was a great partner to work with.”

Diaz adds that she would defo recommend future producers work with Lohan, again, a big contrast from the actress who was once blacklisted by Hollywood producers.

“We had a great experience,” she said. “We made what we think is a really amazing show and we’re very excited about the show. And most reality timelines do not move that quickly, so that speaks volumes to her as well, because we had to do this in such a short period of time, which requires a large commitment and she jumped in full throttle.”

When Variety spoke to Sick Note‘s creators Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz, they agreed that Lohan was a delight to work with and offered some eye-opening statements on how society treats female celebrities who go through a quote on quote ‘melt down’ versus their male counterparts.

“Look at Johnny Depp. He’s in one of the biggest franchises. Think back to the days of Robert Downey Jr. or other people who have had hard times. They went through those types of things and it took awhile before they bounced back, but they came back with that extra level of wisdom and worldliness to bring to their roles,” Serafinowicz said.

Adding, “She’s only in her early 30s, so she’s got time to make that comeback.”

“The press and our industry is harder on women. With Lindsay, it does feel like there’s a bit more vitriol,” Saunders adds. “Like the whole Britney Spears thing — people call it a ‘meltdown.’ Guys got rewarded for that kind of behaviour and girls would be called names for similar behaviour. Obviously we’re not condoning DUIs, but Lindsay has openly talked about that she’s come out the other end. It definitely feels like that’s behind her, and it’s really interesting to think what the next phase is going to be for her.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club airs today at midday on Foxtel, Foxtel Now and Fetch, express from the U.S.