Lily Allen Does Good Deed, Burns ‘Fuck Kanye’ Flag At Glastonbury

Lily Allen’s never been one afraid to speak her mind – she directed her song “Fuck You” at George Dubbya Bush, for one – so this Glastonbury anti-bullying stance is entirely within character.

A photo she Instagrammed of her burning a ‘Fuck Kanye‘ flag at Glastonbury went viral, inciting extreme reactions and literally nothing in the middle. Honestly – it was either “GO LILY” or “FUCK LILY” and variations there of, which is kind of a reflection on how people feel about Kanye West as an artist, really.

Here’s the awesome / offending photo:

And here’s the clip by clip heist.

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Me and @sebchew keeping the #peezus #glastonbury2015

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@kanyewest @sebchew @goodyearsldn @scott_jay @lerneeek @fryars

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Kanye’s headline slot on the Pyramid Stage generated oodles of hate, with a mass petition to boot him from the lineup. It’s not every day that over 100,000 people rally together to try and stop you doing what is essentially your job, thank god, or we’d all just never leave the house.

Glastonburians (is this a thing now? I feel like it should be a thing) reckoned he had no business being there.

The woman who made the flag, known only as Aoibheann, is straight up pissed at Lily and stands by her crafty production.

“Glastonbury is all about peace, love, good vibes and positivity,” she told NME when explaining why she made a “Fuck Kanye” flag. “[Kanye West] is an egotistical narcissistic and self deluded idiot who’s still basking in the light of his one good album.

“We, along with many others, didn’t feel he represent what Glastonbury is about. And if I want to make a flag saying “fuck off Kanye” then I have every right to.”

Okay, literally no one is arguing that Kanye has an ego the size of Jupiter on steroids. Kanye ‘s Kanye. We get it. This is the dude that ended his set by proclaiming the crowd were watching “the greatest living rock star on the planet“, and lord help the son he’s about to have.

But it still just feels mean and petty and exactly the opposite of the “peace, love, good vibes and positivity” Glastonbury’s supposed to be about, tbh.

Aoibheann clarified that she had no intention of hate watching Kanye’s set.

She also said it “gave us a fright”, because their group didn’t know if anything else had been nicked (it hadn’t), despite thinking it was funny till they realised Lily wasn’t applauding the joke, she was trashing it.

“I thought it was hilarious until I saw that [Lily had] burned it and gotten all self righteous about it. I don’t care who you are, you have no right to steal my stuff and vandalise it. Get off your high horse and stop nicking things.”

Whatever. Kayne may  Kanye, but Sheezus ‘s Yeezus.

via NME