Watch English Comedian Invade Kanye West’s Glastonbury Stage

English Comedian Simon Brodkin, in character as his infamous Lee Nelson, has taken one for humanity, and done what Kanye West would do to Kanye West, if he wasn’t Kanye West.

During his headlining gig at Glastonbury a few hours ago, Yeezus found the population of his stage double while kicking off Black Skinhead, as Lee Nelson appeared on stage. There’s a solid few seconds when he’s there with Kanye being none the wiser, and it’s bloody beautiful.

The comedian posted about the stunt on Twitter afterwards.

Today’s invasion wasn’t without precedent for Lee Nelson – last year, he attempted to board the English football team’s plane en route to the World Cup, and also ran on-field in an attempt to warm up with Manchester City. Nelson also stormed an X Factor stage in November.

But today’s stunt takes the cake.
Watch below.

Lead image by Oli Scarff via Getty.