Lily Allen Collapses At Glastonbury, Is Treated By Paramedics

Lily Allen has had a fairly hectic week at Glastonbury. A few days after she made headlines for burning an anti-Kanye West flag over a camp fire, the singer collapsed in a VIP area after a night of partying, and was treated by paramedics.

???? the flag said FUCK OFF KANYE .so I burned it till it said just KANYE . Don’t go for dinner at someone’s house and tell them their food sucks.i should be clear that this picture was taken BEFORE Kanye played on Saturday

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Per reports in The Sun, she was in a backstage area at about 9pm Saturday when she told friends she was heading outside for some fresh air before collapsing.
“She was out of it, she didn’t know where she was. Her friends were saying, ‘You all right?’ and trying to give her water,” said an onlooker. “Her eyes were rolling and her chin was moving from side to side, chewing constantly.”
Friends reportedly placed Allen in the back seat of a car, and contacted her husband Sam Cooper.
“She was in the recovery position and two security guys were talking to her. It looked like they were trying to get people away from her,” another eyewitness said. “She looked in a bad way, she was pretty fucked.”
Paramedics attended to the singer for around 45 minutes, and she was not sent to hospital, instead driving away with Cooper. “She is totally fine and had a great Glastonbury,” her reps said when asked for comment following the incident.
A short time ago, the singer made the following Instagram post, noting fans’ concern, with the hashtag #naptime.

And thanks #naptime

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via The Sun
Photo: Samir Hussein via Getty Images