Liam Neeson Is Gonna Star In Another Balls-To-The-Wall Big Action Flick

If you love ‘Taken’ – and of course you do, because everyone loves it – then you’re in luck: Liam Neeson looks like he’s continuing to embrace his true destiny as a star of big stupid action movies by starring a remake of Norwegian film In Order of Disappearance’.
The movie’s plot is simple: Neeson will play a mild-mannered snowplow driver who experiences the death of his son at the hands of drug dealers, which turns him into a maniac vigilante. Sounds vaguely fascist. Love it! The producers say that “bad guys pile up like snow drifts when the killers suspect a rival gang.” Amazing!
The film is directed by Hans Peter Molland, who directed the original film. Here’s a trailer for the original, if you want to get a feel for what’s coming:
Our bodies are ready and our spirits are willing.
Source: Vulture.
Photo: Getty Images / Target Presse Agentur Gmbh