Lena Dunham Tweets She’s “Done Playing Hannah”, Fans Speculate It’s The End For Girls

HBO drama Girls is nearing the end of filming its fifth season, but it might – and we stress M I G H T – also be nearing its end-date.

Lena Dunham (do we really have to explain her Girls involvement at this point?) sent out this somewhat cryptic tweet, kickstarting wild speculation:

Possible meanings:

  1. She’s having a laugh, because OF COURSE SHE AND HANNAH LOOK ALIKE HAHAHAHAHA.
  2. Hannah will die in some freak-with-a-feminist-twist New York accident and Girls will continue on without her.
  3. Girls is done. For good. 

TBH we’re leaning towards #3.

Girls has had a good run – there are the eight awards and further 28 nominations, plus it’s responsible for generating more conversations about modern-day feminism than any other TV show in history – but maybe it’s time to quit while they’re ahead.

Besides, Dunham has soon-to-be-launched newsletter Lenny to focus on. (Which, FYI, will include a number of celebs writing for it, including absolute rig Emily Ratajkowski.)

While we’re stalking keeping a close eye on Lena’s Twitter feed for further clarification, her followers appear to be as confused as us. So that’s something.

And this helpful bit of advice: