Lena Dunham Pitched ‘Girls’ Fifth Season On A Plane With Cocktails

Certain industries have got their shit well and truly sorted. Some suffer due to weight of numbers or lack of money. But others are summarily blessed with all the perks and ridiculous opulence that occasionally blurs the lines between high stress business meetings and getting royally fucked up on mojitos at 30,000 feet.

Without a single episode of season four having gone to air, HBO announced that it’s renewed Lena Dunham‘s critically acclaimed smash hit series Girls for a fifth season, with the announcement being made at the gala premiere of season four at New York’s Natural History Museum.
HBO programming president Michael Lombardo confirmed the renewal of the fifth season at the event. But it was executive producer and co-showrunner Jenni Kommer who provided the real interesting titbit of information: Both she and Dunham pitched the fifth series to HBO executives whilst on a private jet stocked to the gils with booze. Noting, “It was like a flying cocktail party.
So while that particular question may have been answered, we’re still waiting for someone to tell us exactly what the hell happened to Shoshanna‘s skirt after she accidentally smoked crack at that warehouse party in Bushwick.
The fourth season of Girls begins airing in the US on January 11. You can watch it in Australia on Foxtel’s Showcase channel at 7:30pm on Monday, January 12th.
Photo: Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

via Variety.