An 18-year-old male has been arrested in LA, accused of stealing part of the wreckage of the crashed Porsche Carrera GT that actor Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas died in, while the vehicle was being towed from the crash site on Saturday.

Witnesses said a man approached the tow truck while it was stopped at a red light, removed a piece of the car’s roof, returned to his own car and drove away.

The piece of roof was discovered in the home of teenager Jameson Witty, who had proudly posted an image of the stolen car part on his Instagram account, along with the caption “Piece of Paul walkers car, took it off a tow truck at a stop light” and the hashtags “#paulwalker #rip #comeup”

Witty is being held on bail and is expected to be charged with felony grand theft and tampering with evidence. An accomplice, suspected of being in the car at the time of the theft, is also expected to be arrested once he returns to California from interstate.

Walker’s death on Saturday has put a halt to production of the seventh Fast and Furious film, which had already begun filming when the accident occured.

Via TMZ and BBC News. Lead image by Ernesto Ruscio via Getty.