Fans Are Tripping Out Over Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods’ Latest Movements

Jordyn Woods

The Tristan Thompson cheating scandal led to Jordyn Woods‘ exile from the Kardashian fam and the sisters, namely Khloé Kardashian, have been extremely vocal about their disdain towards their former friend, but what the heck is going on with Woods and her former (?) bestie, Kylie Jenner?

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Shortly after news of the cheating debacle broke, all of the Kar-Jenner sisters unfollowed Woods on Instagram to send a clear message to the world that she was no longer part of their tribe. All except for Kylizzle, that is.

The youngest sister has remained unusually quiet on the matter but she has certainly made it obvi that she’s taking her sister’s side as she’s been keeping her distance from Woods, who used to be by her side 24/7.

Not only that, but she’s been spotted on many occasions hanging out with another friend, who many have dubbed a ‘Jordyn Woods lookalike’, by the name of Heather Sanders.

Sure, the pair have been friends for a while now, heck, Sanders was even at Jenner’s bb shower, but the fact that she’s publicly spending so much time with the girl, just like she used to be tied at the hip to Woods, appears to be a conscious decision on the reality star’s part to let people know that Woods has officially been replaced.

Fans were recently left shook after pics emerged of Jenner sharing a meal with someone who looked a helluva lot like Woods.

One Twitter user shared a photo of the pair, calling it a “reunion” of sorts.

A bunch of media outlets reported on the photo with headlines like ‘Friends Again? Were Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods Spotted Together?’

But people soon pointed out that it very well could be Sanders, although nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

In everyone’s defence, it’s a v. easy mistake to make.

I mean…

In the midst of the potential miscommunication, another bizarre occurrence went down via social media.

The beauty mogul shared the following snap, captioned with a heart:

When the post first went live, Woods chucked it a like, seemingly to show her support for her pal.

But according to Cosmopolitan, she later unliked the post, leaving punters confused over the state of their friendship.

I’ve just gone back to double-check it and it seems like Jordyn has re-liked the photo, possibly because she noticed all the online chatter over the shady liking and unliking of Kylie’s pic.

Following Woods’ Red Table Talk interview, she returned to social media to show off her new ‘do (symbolic of new beginnings, I’m sure) and captioned it with a sentence about “doing better”, a clear nod to her post-scandal comeback.

“If you’re reading this.. it means God has given you another day to wake up and be grateful & better than you were yesterday.”

This could be her indication that she’s ready to make amends and rekindle her friendship with Jenner and the Kardashian sisters. Either that or she’s sending a message that she’s starting fresh and ditching the fam altogether.

So where do these two maybe besties / maybe frenemies stand?

An insider told Entertainment Tonight that what happens next depends on Kylie’s big sis, Koko.

“Kylie is still figuring out where Jordyn fits into her life, and the biggest reason is because Kylie wants to respect her sister Khloé,” a source explains.

“Khloé was initially irate at Jordyn and wanted nothing to do with her ever again. However, Khloé is a forgiving person and she’s just trying to see if she can get over being hurt by someone she considered a sister.”

Well, Jordyn has publicly reached out more than once now so I guess the ball is in Kylie’s court.