Kylie Jenner’s New Lip Kit ‘Love Bite’ Is The Exact Colour Of A Hickey

Kardashian sister Kylie Jenner is currently the reigning queen of the modern beauty empire, ever since she began creating her insanely-hyped ‘Lip Kit’ range. 
Fans go absolutely mad for the stuff – despite some major production/shipping woes, and fight one another online to grab their own tube of the hard-to-find matte lippie / liner combo. 
It’s supposed to last longer than your actual life, and her range has been growing and growing with different shades, from nudes and classic reds, to new eclectic colours like black, and bright sky blue.
But ya girl might’ve actually topped herself with her new shade. 
It looks like this:

LOVE BITE. #FRIDAY 12pm pst.

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It’s a beautiful dark reddish-purple, that looks like wine, or… blood, perhaps?
It’s funny you should think that, because the shade is called ‘Love Bite’, and now fans have realised that the title is super literal: it’s the colour of a hickey. 

Ashley Sardella realised this after purchasing the new colour, and noticed that it exactly matched her friend’s hickey:

And now, Ashley confirmed that she is now ~deceased~, due to Kylie herself retweeting her discovery to confirm that yes, that was indeed the reality star’s intention with the shade:

Source: Twitter / @Ashsardella8.
Photo: James Devaney / Getty.