Kylie Jenner Finally Addressed Claims That She’s Pregnant With Bébé No.2

kylie jenner

This time last year, Kylie Jenner was at the peak of her social media hiatus and just over a week away from giving birth to her daughter, Stormi Webster.

Now, one year on and fans suspect Kylie’s pregnant again, this time with her second baby – because there’s nothing the internet loves more than a pregnancy rumour, huh?

But instead of extinguishing the claims, earlier today she took some time out of her busy routine to hint at a secret she’s got brewin’ on the down-low.

[jwplayer WN6Q3XAn]

“I have something really exciting i get to share soon with you guys!” Jenner tweeted. “I’ve been cooking this up for awhile i can’t wait to share my new project alreadyyy.”

Bun, oven, cooking – it doesn’t take a genius to think that this might be alluding to another pregnancy.

Having said that, it would be a little odd to refer to your spawn as a “project”, no? But another part of me thinks that this kind of terminology is definitely in Kris Jenner‘s PR-savvy lexicon…

Naturally, fans started guessing that this might be a pregnancy:

But Ky then decided to put the record straight, responding simply with “Noooo lol”:

So what is she working on?

After that option was shut down, other guesses started to emerge, including a song with her baby daddy Travis Scott:

… Life of Kylie Season 2:

… and a cookbook?

My favourite commenters, however, really just took the op to warn Ky against pulling a Kendall:

Whatever it is, if there’s one thing we know about Kylie, it’s that she’s really good at keeping a secret. That means there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell of us finding out what the heck she’s referring to until she’s ready to roll.

And since Kylie’s currently on holiday with Jordyn Woods and Stormi, my guess is we won’t be getting any more goss until they’re back home.